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Cherry cabinet

 Bart soon fell in love with this beautiful and characteristic Utrechtsche Kersenhout that was given to him during one of his inspiring internships.
At a later stage he learned to work with old wood joining methods without the use of screws or nails
These two experiences were brought together in his graduation project, with which he passed the furniture maker training at the Hout en Meubileringscollege in Amsterdam.

This present yet very calm-looking cabinet Kastje is a celebration of simplicity.
through subtle lines and minimal design language, the wood and the connections are given the space to tell their story.

Due to the subtle curves in the design language, this cat looks friendly and inviting. The light base lifts the body and the doors to human height.
that makes this piece of furniture ideal for storing or displaying beautiful things.

The doors are made of two mirrored parts, split from the same piece of wood for a symmetrical grain pattern,
and reinforced with cleats made with traditional hand-planed sliding dovetails.

The cleats flow into the hinge part that rests in the hull on a hardwood pin and rotates, purely on friction and gravity.
These are removable by means of the locks with sliding dovetails. the hull also rests on gravity in the chassis and is completely removable.

As a whole, this cabinet is both a practical and aesthetic enrichment for its environment. originated love, fascination and cherishing the old craft.


  • Baars en bloemhof talent award 2020

Fairs/ Companies

  • Dutch designweek 2018

  • Meesterlijk Amsterdam 2018

  • Masterly Milaan 2019

  • Design District 2019

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