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Laura Besseling

Do what you like!

My participation in the YLBA has brought a lot of fame for the Remembrance Cabinet. A few weeks ago I received two e-mails with nominations. The first nomination is for the VIVA-400 in the Business Wonders category. In addition, I was also nominated at De Jonge 100. I can also be found here in the catergory for entrepreneurs. It is very cool to be seen and heard through these roads. Of course I could use both very well when starting my own company. It is a bit crazy, are you on two lists between, among others, large entrepreneurs and various well-known Dutch people. All role models who can inspire other women. Do I feel that way too? Maybe. I never really thought about it because I'm just making furniture and doing what I like: putting the Remembrance Cabinet on the market. If others can inspire this then I would be proud of that but it is not my goal. Again, I just like to do what I love to do!


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