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Sordile provides a 5-year warranty on its products subject to the following provisions: The warranty period starts on the day of delivery. The Sordile warranty includes the repair of assembly and manufacturing defects at the owner's request. Separate regulations apply to material defects, which follow below.


Not covered by warranty:

  • Repairs performed by third parties

  • Submitted materials

  • Normal wear and traces of use

  • Damage as a result of improper use or incorrect maintenance

  • pleating

  • The natural characteristics of leather, such as insect bites, scars, color nuances

  • Fabrics treated with a dirt-resistant coating

  • Indirect damage resulting from any assembly and manufacturing error, such as loss of income, etc.

  • Color deviations on repeat orders.

  • Settlement warranty provision in case of material defects

  • The wood grain pattern may differ from the example

  • The natural characteristics of wood, such as color difference, different grain patterns, functioning of wood

If Sordile has to replace the upholstery material of the furniture as a result of a justified appeal to the warranty provisions, the normal depreciation on durable consumer goods is taken into account.

The stated terms apply under normal use and upon recognition of your complaint. Furniture is consumables, which means that when the materials are replaced or repaired, a depreciation part per year is used. This means that, depending on the age, a contribution to the costs of the repair will be charged to you.

You will of course receive a price quote in advance.

0-2 years 100% guarantee - your contribution: 0%
2 - <year warranty expires

Have your furniture repaired

Do you have a complaint about your furniture and would you like to have your furniture repaired? Contact Sordile .

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