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Terms and Conditions

In this document you will find Sordile's General Terms and Conditions. First of all, it is good to inform you that Sordile hereby rejects the general terms and conditions of other Parties.




  • Day: Calendar day;

  • Digital content: data produced and delivered in digital form;

  • Contractor: SORDILE, as stated in Article 2;

  • Client: any (legal) person who purchases a service from the Contractor to perform any form of work;

  • Agreement: any agreement that is concluded, regardless of how, between the Contractor and the Client. Every agreement must be confirmed in writing;

  • Parties: Contractor and Client jointly referred to as;

  • Written communication: all communication that does not take place verbally, digital communication also applies under this formulation.


2.Information about Contractor

The contractor is located at Zandweg 77 in De Meern, postal code 3454 JW. The contractor is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 76789780. Do you have any questions about our general terms and conditions? Then you can reach us via the information below: l +31 (0)6 2738 7250

Zandweg 77 l 3454 JW l De Meern

Chamber of Commerce No. 76789780



  1. The Contractor's General Terms and Conditions apply to every offer from and Agreement with the Contractor and the Client, to which the Contractor has declared these General Terms and Conditions applicable. General Terms and Conditions of other parties, including the Client, are in principle rejected. The Contractor's General Terms and Conditions do not apply only if the Parties have expressly agreed to this in writing.

  2. If these General Terms and Conditions are deviated from, the other provisions will remain valid.

  3. Amendments to these General Terms and Conditions agreed in writing only apply to the cases specified in that specific Agreement.

  4. The General Terms and Conditions do not have to be explicitly accepted again after they have been accepted for the first time, but are deemed to have been tacitly accepted. This applies to all further Agreements between the Contractor and the Client.


4.Offer and Quotation

  1. The Contractor makes an offer on the website and prepares a quotation.

  2. The offer as described in the quotation is accepted after payment of the amount set by the Contractor.

  3. Quotations made on the quotation are inclusive of VAT. If the prices are exclusive of VAT, this is always indicated.

  4. The offer made by the Contractor has been drawn up on the basis of information provided by the Client.


  1. The Agreement between the Contractor and the Client is established by offer and acceptance (Article 6:117 of the Dutch Civil Code). The Agreement can only be concluded in writing.

  2. The Contractor will only proceed with the execution of the Agreement after written agreement between the Contractor and the Client.

  3. Employees of the Contractor or third parties engaged by the Contractor cannot make binding agreements with the Client. Promises (oral or written) are not binding on the Contractor until and insofar as they have been confirmed by an authorized representative of the Contractor.

  4. Changes and/or additions to the Agreement are only subject to bilateral consultation between the Client and the Contractor.

  5. Assessment of whether the Contractor has failed to fulfill one or more obligations (from the Agreement) is up to the Contractor. After all, all work is performed on the basis of the information provided by the Client.

  6. Services once purchased cannot be exchanged, reversed or returned, because it concerns a species business.

  7. Species cases cannot be adjusted or revoked without explicit reason. These items have been manufactured on the basis of information from the Client and for that reason cannot be used for any other purpose as the Client had in mind.


6.Execution Agreement

  1. The Contractor guarantees that the delivered item complies with the Agreement. The assessment of whether the goods delivered by the Contractor comply with the Agreement is up to the Contractor.

  2. The Client can never claim the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 6 if he or a third party, without the Contractor's prior written consent, has carried out or has performed other related work on the goods supplied by the Contractor, or if the The Client itself is to blame for the fact that the work delivered (goods and/or services) by the Contractor is not in accordance with the Agreement.

  3. Only if this has been expressly agreed in writing, the Contractor is obliged to follow the instructions given by the Client in a timely and responsible manner when performing the services. The Contractor will make every effort to meet reasonable requests.

  4. If the Client is dissatisfied with the work performed by the Contractor, the Client cannot claim a refund of the amount paid for the work and material costs. After all, work and material costs are always applied by the Contractor on the basis of information provided.

  5. The Contractor will always exercise due care when executing the Agreement.

  6. The Contractor may cooperate with third parties with regard to the manufacture of goods.



  1. Delivery will take place within the period indicated by the Contractor, however this is not a strict deadline. The delivery period only starts to run when the Contractor has received all necessary documents and information.

  2. The Contractor may refuse work at any time. The amount of money already paid by the Client will then be refunded to the Client's account within 30 days.

  3. The Contractor will, at the discretion of the Contractor, deliver an end product that complies with the Agreement with the Client. If the Client is not yet satisfied, an overhaul will be carried out in consultation with the Contractor.

  4. The Contractor will, at the discretion of the Contractor, deliver an end product that complies with the Agreement with the Client



  1. The price for the services to be provided is the price stated in the Contractor's quotation or the Contractor's offer on the website. During the term indicated in the offer, the prices of the services offered will not be increased without the Client being informed of this.

  2. If there is no term as referred to in Article 10.1. described in the offer, a term of 30 (thirty) days is used.

  3. If the offer is accepted by the Client outside this period, the assessment of the validity of the acceptance will be entirely on the Contractor's side.

  4. If the Contractor is of the opinion that the acceptance is not valid outside the term of the offer, the Contractor will again send a quotation to the Client, whereby the term is also 30 (thirty) days.

  5. The Contractor reserves the right to change prices displayed on the website.


9.Payment terms

  1. The contractor requests direct payment via iDEAL or credit card. Payment is regarded as acceptance and starts before the work, the manufacture or delivery of the ordered goods.

  2. In principle, the Contractor will send an invoice to the Client at the start of the work and at the moment that all work has been completed, after payment of the second invoice, the Contractor will proceed with delivery of the product. This can only be deviated from in writing.

  3. The invoice must be paid by the Client within 14 days of the date.

  4. In the absence of payment, the contractor will send one reminder with a payment term of 14 days.

  5. If the payment reminder is not met, the Contractor will send a reminder. This must be paid within 14 days. An administration fee of €20 will be charged for sending the reminder. It is also ordered to hand over the claim to a collection agency in the event of non-payment.

  6. If the demand is not met, the claim will be handed over to a collection agency. This party will collect the claim. Any additional costs will be borne by the Client.

  7. If the Contractor deems this necessary, a down payment of a maximum of 50% of the total invoice values may be requested.


10. Statutory interest/extrajudicial collection costs

  1. In the event of late payment of the amount due, the Contractor has the authority to charge the statutory interest ex. 6:119 of the Dutch Civil Code, to be charged from the date on which the default occurs.

  2. The extrajudicial costs incurred by a party to enforce payment of a debt can be charged to the defaulting Client.


11.Feedback and revision

  1. The contractor offers the possibility for revision and feedback. The parties will then consult together.

  2. When performing work on the basis of the feedback and/or revision, additional costs may be incurred in the opinion of the Contractor. The Client will always be informed if costs are settled.



  1. Any liability, both contractual and extra-contractual, (except for liability as a result of intent or gross negligence) of the Contractor and - if this should arise with its directors and employees, is limited to the amount stated on the invoice.

  2. If the Contractor should be liable, this liability is limited to what is regulated in this provision.

  3. The Contractor is not liable for damage, of whatever nature, caused by the fact that the Contractor relied on incorrect and/or incomplete information provided by or on behalf of the Other Party.

  4. If the Contractor is liable for any damage, the Contractor's liability is limited to a maximum of once the invoice value of the order, at least to that part of the order to which the liability relates.

  5. The Contractor is only liable for direct damage.

  6. Direct damage is exclusively understood to mean the reasonable costs incurred in determining the cause and extent of the damage, insofar as the determination relates to damage within the meaning of these terms and conditions, any reasonable costs incurred to compensate the Contractor for the defective performance of the Agreement. to be answered, insofar as these can be attributed to the Contractor and reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit damage, insofar as the Other Party demonstrates that these costs have led to limitation of direct damage as referred to in these General Terms and Conditions.

  7. The Contractor is never liable for indirect damage, including consequential damage, lost profit, lost savings and damage due to business interruption.

  8. The Client indemnifies the Contractor against all claims from third parties, and will reimburse the Contractor for the costs it incurs or will incur in connection with the defense against such claims by third parties, which are related to or arise from work performed by the Contractor under the Agreement. and) with the Client.

  9. Contrary to the statutory limitation periods, the limitation period for all claims and defenses against the Contractor and the auxiliary persons involved by the Contractor in the performance of an Agreement is 5 years.

  10. The limitations of liability included in this article do not apply if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence on the part of the Contractor or its managerial subordinates.

  11. The responsibility with regard to documents/documents supplied by the Client lies with the Client. The Contractor cannot be held liable for copyright violations or errors by the Client with regard to these documents/documents.



  1. If the Client has a complaint with regard to the service and/or the product delivered by the Contractor, the Client must provide a clear, written explanation about this. The complaint must be communicated to the Contractor within 14 days after the (reasonably) discovery of the complaint.

  2. The assessment of a complaint always lies with the Contractor.

  3. The Contractor strives to handle the complaint within a period of 5 working days, or as soon as possible. The stipulated term is not a strict deadline.

  4. Complaints will be handled in a manner determined by the Contractor. The Contractor can discuss a possible solution to the complaint in consultation with the Client.

  5. Complaints are in principle always handled by telephone or e-mail. If the seriousness of the complaint necessitates it, the Contractor may decide to handle the complaint in person.


14.Force Majeure

  1. The Contractor is not liable for damage as a result of circumstances that could not have been foreseen by the Contractor at the time of entering into the Agreement. Such circumstances include: lack of raw materials, factory breakdown of any kind, strike, exclusion or lack of employees, quarantine,  epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters, mobilization, martial law, state of war or war, railway blockage or lack of transportation, traffic blockades, illness of any reason or cause, server failure, hacking or other unforeseen circumstances not known at the time of inception of the Agreement.

  2. The Contractor has the right to suspend or dissolve the Agreement in the event of force majeure. The Contractor reserves the right to invoice the Client for the part of the Agreement that has already been performed.

  3. If the Contractor subsequently performs a temporarily suspended part of the Agreement, the Client will owe the entire agreed consideration without any form of discount.


15.General Data Protection Regulation

The Contractor will at all times comply with the applicable privacy legislation (the General Data Protection Regulation). For more information about this, you can consult our privacy statement (place link). The Contractor also concludes processing agreements with the Parties, if this is required by privacy legislation.


16. Conversion

If and insofar as it is not possible to invoke any provision of the Agreement and these General Terms and Conditions on the basis of reasonableness and fairness or the unreasonably onerous nature, the relevant provision will in any event have as much as possible Corresponding meaning in terms of content and purport. so that it can be invoked by the Contractor.


17.After Effect

The provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of the Contractor, which are expressly or tacitly intended to remain in force even after termination of an Agreement, will remain in force thereafter and continue to bind both Parties.


18. Conflicting Clauses

In the event that these General Terms and Conditions and the order confirmation contain conflicting terms and conditions, the conditions included in the order confirmation will apply if an explicit order confirmation has been given. In all other cases, these General Terms and Conditions are leading.


19. Governing Law

Dutch law is declared applicable to all Agreements between the Client and the Contractor.


20.Forum selection

The District Court of Central Netherlands, Utrecht location (chamber of civil affairs/canton) is authorized to hear disputes between the Contractor and the Client. Nevertheless, the Contractor has the right to submit the dispute to the competent court according to the law.


21.Change of the Terms and Conditions

Taking into account possible evolutions of the website and the working method of the Contractor, the Contractor reserves the right to adjust or change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. In that case, the new General Terms and Conditions will be communicated to the Client by (online) amendment and will apply to every Agreement that is realized after the amendment.


22.Final provision

In all cases not provided for in these General Terms and Conditions, the Agreement will be interpreted in light of these General Terms and Conditions and in reasonableness and fairness.


Do you have questions about our General Terms and Conditions? Please feel free to contact us using the details below! l +31 (0)6 2738 7250

Zandweg 77 l 3454 JW l De Meern

Chamber of Commerce No. 76789780



Version 2021

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