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This 'shield' on the wall has a mystical appearance.

A beautiful performance with a golden edge. The inspiration from nature, my love for fly fishing, and making unique furniture resulted in this extraordinary design.

The handmade curved shape originated from the basic dimensions of 3 salmons.

Salmon, the King of Fishes; a mystical creature that swims many miles and overcomes obstacles to achieve its mission: procreation. After spawning, the animal dies - but not after passing on its invincibility. Food for the new generation. In more ways than one.

The salmon skins of this cabinet are made of prepared and champagne-colored salmon leather. Instead of throwing the leather away as waste after being caught, it has been reused sustainably in this wall unit. The skins are sown together in their natural form. A technique that was very common in the time of the Eskimos for the manufacture of kayaks. This application is so far unusual in the furniture industry and unique to the way 1Ranko works. Applying technique and originality by using combinations of materials, in a new, refreshingly original way. An eye for the special in the 'every day'.

The wooden shield, curved to emphasize the natural shape of the salmon, resembles a tipi in this form.

The coupled salmon skins are applied to the shell with a foam intermediate layer. The broad part of the skins, ending in the gills, is trimmed with regal gilding.

Hidden behind this shield is the surprise. A beautiful box formed from the base of this shield. Implementation in walnut with gold-plated hinges specially designed for this piece of furniture.


- Pure, the authenticity of a piece of furniture that is presented here as well

- Shaped by nature in its size and strength

- Unique in technique

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