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Tavolo in metamorfosi

Coffee table


The Tavolo in Metamorfosi is a coffee table which consists of a top of triangles with a specially processed glass plate on top. If you look over the table on the short sides, you will see a 3D cube pattern and another pattern from the other side. The other pattern is triangles. The design is inspired by Escher's patterns.


  • HMC box price. This piece of furniture has won the prize for the most ambitious piece of work.

  • Alexandrium Public award furniture designer. At this prize, the public could vote for the piece of furniture they liked the most. More than 1000 people voted for this piece of furniture.

Exhibitions/ Companies

  • This piece has been exhibited at various trade fairs and companies.

  • ·   Design District 2019.

  • Every year, HMC students are allowed to present their work in the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam during the Design District fair.

  • ·   Alexandrium Woonmall 2020

  • In this Woonmall young designers were allowed to present their work and it was possible to vote for the furniture that the public liked best.

  • ·   Flow 2020

  • During the opening of the new Flow lap, this piece of furniture was allowed to exhibit.

  • ·   Masterly 2021

  • Young designers were allowed to present their work in Milan during the Salone Del Mobile.

  • ·   Design District 2021 (coming up)

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