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Dutch Liquid Cabinet

Liquor cabinet


In the creation of this piece, nature serves as the foundation. The natural form of untouched oak planks, where the sideboard follows the organic shape of the planks, is finished with a hyper-modern stucco in a robust clay color.

Oak, the ancient tree, symbolizes wisdom, strength, and sustainability. A tree cherished for its long-lasting qualities and the yield of its fruits.

It's also a symbol of hospitality. The tree served as a central gathering point for dignitaries, a prominent place for coming together, to reach agreements over a good drink. For example, jenever, a Dutch invention from the 17th century.

These are the aspects that come together in this piece. The closure and contents of the sideboard are cleverly concealed. This keeps the contents of this sideboard hidden from view. The beautifully lacquered interior has removable sections, allowing taller bottles to be stored in the drawers and opened independently from the top deck.

1Ranko has succeeded in creating a modern equivalent of the oak. Packaged in the unique 1Ranko style: simplicity, with the power of nature.

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